Best CBSE School in Nizampet, Pragathi Nagar

Guru The Global School is combined to and accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education( CBSE). The CBSE class envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic academy education that will engender excellence in every sphere of mortal bid. The Board is committed to furnishing quality education to promote intellectual, social and artistic vivacity among its learners. By championing nonstop and Comprehensive Evaluation, the CBSE class works towards evolving a literacy process and terrain, which empowers unborn citizens to come global leaders in the arising society.

Unique Activities

Guru The Global School trusts in the comprehensive improvement of every understudy. Our program gives equivalent chance to succeed in the two scholastics as well as co-curricular exercises. A couple of significant exercises incorporate inventive work through graph paper projects, mud demonstrating, little dramas, introductions, public talking, and so forth. Everyday action refreshes are placed up on a site so that the guardians might see their kid’s inventiveness and information wake up.

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